Panel: Tribal State Relations to Support Juvenile Justice Improvements

A dialogue presented at the 2021 OJJDP Tribal Youth Virtual National Conference (Session C1) that focused on establishing and strengthening Tribal and State partnerships, discussed the cultivation of collaborative relationships between Tribal and State juvenile justice stakeholders and provided insight into the experiences of several community members and their work toward solution-focused responses to support Tribal youth. The session highlighted some practical steps taken by Tribal community juvenile justice and prevention stakeholders to establish and engage in a Tribal task force to support the identification of processes and protocols to coordinate with local State juvenile justice leaders. These efforts have led to improved communication regarding Tribal youth resources and diversion opportunities, the shared review of local Tribal juvenile justice data, and development of strategies to support coordinated referral processes for Tribal youth who make contact with the State juvenile justice system.

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Keywords: collaboration healingtowellness juvenile wellness courts indiancountry juvenile multidisciplinary
Audience: Federal Partners Juvenile Healing to Wellness Court Staff Prevention Programs Prevention Staff Prosecutor State Agencies State Partners Teachers Tribal Youth Program Staff
Issue Area: Juvenile Healing to Wellness Court OJJDP National Tribal Youth Conference Tribal Youth Program Tribal-State Relationships

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Alisha Edelen and Amber Loftis, Choctaw Nation Juvenile Healing to Wellness Court Team, Kheri Smith, Office of Juvenile Affairs, State of Oklahoma, Janelle Bretten, Office of Juvenile Affairs, State of Oklahoma, Debra Gee, Chickasaw Nation, Tasha Fridia, Tribal Law and Policy Institute, Bridget Coppersmith, South Dakota State Department of Corrections

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March 31, 2021